EDSIGCON | CONISAR 2019 - Joint Conference Highlights


Joint Conferences Highlights

Cleveland, Ohio - November 6 - November 9, 2019

Jeffry Babb

Welcome from

Jeffry Babb

EDSIG President

As the 2019 EDSIG President, it is my pleasure to welcome you to the EDSIG Conference on Information Systems and Computing Education (EDSIGCON) and the Conference on Information Systems Applied Research (CONISAR) in Cleveland, Ohio. As member organization, it is your participation in these joint conferences with ISCAP (Information Systems & Computing Academic Professionals, Inc.) that provides the strength of our association and the bonds that renew us each year.

This year, the strengths of our endeavors are as clear as ever. Since 2017, EDSIG, via its Standing Committee on Curricular Matters, has been directly involved, at the steering committee and task force level, in the Computing Curriculum 2020 project (CC2020). The CC2020 project is a collaboration between the ACM, IEEE, IAS, and AITP-EDSIG. Les Waguespack, EDSIG Immediate Past President, has led this effort and the CC2020 project is progressing well towards meeting its goals. This project remains a positive and mission-driven activity for EDSIG.

This past summer, EDSIG was also invited to join the steering committee for the IS2020 model curriculum project for Information Systems. The IS2020 project is a collaboration between ACM, AIS, and AITP-EDSIG. I am honored to have been selected to represent and serve EDSIG on this project, which is underway and making progress. EDSIG's participation in these curricular projects is possible through both the volunteerism and the support of the membership. In these endeavors, we aim to fulfill our mission and provide value to the EDSIG membership by expanding the opportunities for EDSIG's participation and voice in the development of IS and computing curricula. Please approach me or Les Waguespack at the conference if you are interested in learning more about either CC2020 or IS2020.

We continue in strength in the ongoing activities of the EDSIG Journals. Lee Freeman, editor-in-chief for the Journal of Information Systems Education (JISE), is in the process of making JISE available in the AIS eLibrary. When this process completes, JISE should expand in readership and also promote more exposure to EDSIG's conferences and the related benefits of our member organization.

As we meet this year at EDSIGCON and CONISAR, I am excited at how our collaboration with ISCAP brings together information systems educators. Here we share our research, our experiences, and our stories such that we may improve our pedagogy, enhance our research, and strengthen the fellowship that is the essential lifeblood of our member organization. I look forward to seeing you at the conferences this year.

Jeffry Babb
2019 EDSIG President
West Texas A&M University