Joint Conferences Highlights

Clearwater, Florida - November 2 - November 5, 2022

anthony Serapiglia

Welcome from

Anthony Serapiglia
St. Vincents College

EDSIGCON/CONISAR Conferences Chair

Welcome to ISCAP conferences - EDSIGCON/CONISAR 2022!

In the past several years we have all had to deal with many variables and changes – most of them have seemingly appeared from nowhere and have had great influence and effect on our lives. Whether it be the pandemic or a hurricane, or even shifts in leadership at our colleges and universities, there really does seem to be one constant, change.

For us who have embraced Information Systems as an occupation, discipline, even vocation – this is not contradictory. For most of us, the idea of change is something that excites us. Opportunities to learn something new, to solve new problems, to meet new people. By nature, I believe, we are not people who stand still. We confront change, manage change, and use it as a springboard to move forward.

ISCAP, as an organization, also does not stand still. In the past year, we have made several strides in growing and improving the conferences and organization as a whole. The number of submissions to the conference continues to grow. With more authors and researchers contributing, the overall quality has also risen. This is reflected in our journals, which year after year, find a . greater audience. Speaking of journals, we have expanded our lineup to include the Cybersecurity Pedagogy and Practice Journal (https://cppj.info). Our goal for this journal is to include papers from the conference and to invite direct submissions outside of the conference cycle. Be on the lookout for more news to come!

The growth of the organization and the conference happens through the contribution of volunteers. Each year this event is organized and run by a team of professors who step up and devote time, effort, and skill to make sure everyone has the opportunity to come together to share their research and ideas. This year there are several who have made major contributions and deserve recognition. David Woods as the EDSIGCON papers chair and Kevin Mentzer as his assistant have moved into their roles seamlessly. Jeff Cummings has also stepped into the role as CONISAR papers chair flawlessly. Handling teaching cases with alacrity has been Ira Goldstein and Michelle Louch. Victor Berardi and Vaneet Kaur worked through a record number of abstracts. Mark Frydenberg has done terrific work in bringing new workshops to the program, and Greg Blundell has done an excellent job in working with an ever-changing world of vendors. Amy Connolly has also played a significant role in expanding our communication efforts and platform presence. I’d like to also recognize Mike Smith for his extra efforts in making sure that our expanded program of virtual presentations is able to continue and grow. Thank you to Eric Breimer for his leadership as ISCAP-EDSIG president. And to Tom Janicki – you are the wizard behind the scenes who makes everything work.

THANK YOU to everyone who has trusted us as a community with your work, research, and writing. Please consider expanding your role in our community – by volunteering with the conference or as an ISCAP board member. Change happens best when good people lead – help us continue to change for the better with your leadership.