Joint Conferences Highlights

Clearwater, Florida - November 2 - November 5, 2022

Eric Breimer

Welcome from

Eric Breimer
Siena College

I am excited to welcome you to the ISCAP Conferences (EDSIGCON & CONISAR) in Clearwater Beach, Florida. The 2021 conference in Washington, DC marked our return to an in-person conference and with that change, participation and engagement returned to the high levels that we have enjoyed in the past.

After our first year of independence, we have been able to more clearly focus on our mission. One of ISCAP’s three major pillars is a commitment to publishing journals that are important to IS educators and researchers. Our most significant development has been the creation of a new journal titled Cybersecurity Pedagogy and Practice Journal (CPPJ). With the growth of Cybersecurity careers and academic programs, it was appropriate to create a journal focused on an area that we believe will continue to develop. Overall, our goal is to create opportunities for our conference participants (who are also ISCAP-EDSIG members) to publish their improved and extended work. We seek to develop journals with high standards that will be positively recognized by colleges and universities as well as any organization that hires IS researchers.

Our board of directors continues to refine and formalize the identity of our member organization (ISCAP-EDSIG) and we welcome new members to play vital roles. I encourage conference attendees to speak with the current board members to learn about opportunities to join in governance. While we are always looking for help in improving our four journals (JISE, CPPJ, ISEDJ and JISAR) and our two conferences, there is an opportunity to create a more complete member organization with benefits that go beyond conference and journal publication.

With our future in mind, it is important to again emphasize that the ISCAP (Information Systems & Computing, Academic Professionals) reflects a broader inclusion of IS, CS and CIS faculty, researchers and industry professionals. And, EDSIG preserves the origin of our organization, a special interest group focused on IS education. A benefit of registering for this conference is membership in ISCAP-EDSIG, but it is truly more appropriate to think of ISCAP-EDSIG the people who help make our conferences, our journals and our model IS curriculum influence a reality. If you are engaged in these endeavors then you are part of ISCAP-EDSIG.

In closing, I would like to thank the conference planning team and board members, especially Tom Janicki for helping to lead ISCAP-EDSIG out of the pandemic as a stronger organization.