EDSIGCON | CONISAR 2021 - Joint Conference Highlights


Joint Conferences Highlights

Washington, DC - November 3 - November 6, 2021

Eric Breimer

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Eric Breimer


I am excited to welcome you to EDSIGCON and CONISAR in Washington DC. While the 2020 virtual conference was successful, it was no substitute for the in-person experience. The face-to-face interaction and connections made at this conference strengthen our organization.

2021 is our first full year of “independence.” As many of you know, our long-time parent organization (AITP) was acquired by CompTIA and reorganized as IT Pro. EDSIG members under the leadership of Tom Janicki, formed a non-profit 501(c) called ISCAP, Inc. to protect our interests. Thanks to this effort, we continue as ISCAP-EDSIG, which is the member organization that ultimately governs ISCAP.

ISCAP-EDSIG stands for Information Systems & Computing, Academic Professions - Education Special Interest Group. The ISCAP component reflects a focus on both Information Systems and Computing, as well as the broader inclusion of academic professionals such as researchers and partners in industry. The EDSIG component emphasizes the origin of our member organization: a special interest group focused on IS education. Unlike our previous organizational structure, there is no parent-child relationship. ISCAP is entirely governed by the member organization. Everyone attending this conference is an ISCAP-EDSIG member and can run as a candidate for the board, including the position of president and vice president.

I encourage conference attendees to speak with the current board members to learn about opportunities to join in governance as we open a new and exciting chapter in our organization’s history. The current board is looking to develop ISCAP-EDSIG’s identity as leading professional organization in Information Systems, which includes providing pathways and benefits to membership beyond participation at this conference. And, as always, we are looking for opportunities and help in improving our three journals (JISE, ISEDJ and JISAR), our two conferences and our influence over model IS curriculum.

In closing, I would like to welcome Paul Zhang who will be taking over for Lee Freeman as Editor-in-Chief of our flagship journal (JISE). I would like to thank all the conference volunteers who have made this conference possible. Finally, I would like to thank the current and recent board members for their work in helping our organization achieve independence. Eric Breimer 2021 ISCAP-EDSIG President Siena College

Eric Breimer
2021 ISCAP-EDSIG President
Siena College