Distinguished Fellows

Ronald Kizior
Loyola University Chicago


Dr. Ronald J. Kizior is a member of the ISOM Department at Loyola University Chicago, where this past September he started his 40th year of teaching at Loyola. He has a varied background: undergraduate degree in accounting, M.B.A. in transportation, and his Ph.D. in economics, which included three areas of specialization: Public Finance, Labor Relations and Econometrics. He was instrumental in starting the Information Systems major at Loyola many years ago. He taught the first COBOL course, then the first Systems Analysis & Design course the following year, and then finally they hired others to fill out the major with a database course, project management and a telecommunications course. For twenty-one years from 1986 to 2007 Dr. Kizior was faculty moderator of the Beta Gamma Sigma chapter at Loyola, and he also was director of internships program for 15 years.

For many years Dr. Kizior was Mr. COBOL at Loyola. Even chaired and organized a COBOL EXPO in 2002. Through a special program at Loyola in the middle 90’s, he was able to take a semester sabbatical, during which time he created a course for the MBA program entitled “Ethics & Technology”. This was then offered in the MBA program for the next six to seven years until enrollment started to drop off.

Back in 1996 Dr. Kizior organized and chaired the First “Ethics & Technology” Conference at Loyola and hosted the conference again in 1997 and 2002. The other years the conference was held at Boston College, Santa Clara University, and St. Louis University.

Dr. Kizior originally joined DPMA back in 1981 and joined EDSIG in 1984. He was marketing chair for ISECON in1986-87, and conference chair for the 1988 and 1990 ISECON Conferences. He has held all elected as well as appointed positions within EDSIG that are possible. One of his accomplishments during his term as president of EDSIG, was the conversion of the EDSIG newsletter to a recognized academic journal, which was then entitled “CIS Educator Forum”. He was helped with this task by Robert Wysocki and Alka Harriger. He has participated in various DPMA student regional conferences over the years as well.

About AITP-EDSIG Fellows

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