Distinguished Fellows

John Reynolds
Grand Valley State University


John Reynolds is an Associate Professor of Computer Information Systems at Grand Valley State University. John received his Ph.D. in Computing Education and Cognitive Systems from the University of North Texas. He has a Masters Degree from The Criswell College and a Bachelors from Hannibal-Lagrange College. His primary teaching areas are in IT infrastructure, hardware/software, networking, and Office productivity tools. His research interests are in curriculum and assessment. John has been very active in EDSIG since 2000. He first joined AITP/EDSIG in 1996, served as an EDSIG Board Director 1998-99, and as EDSIG Secretary 2001-02. John Was the ICCP Associate Director of Certification in 2001-2003 and the CCER Co-founder. John is active in supporting students in participating in the AITP National Collegiate Conference, and is the coordinator of the Office Solutions at the NCC and as a judge for the networking competition.

About AITP-EDSIG Fellows

Each year Fellows are inducted in honor of their sustained, long-term, meaningful and effective support of EDSIG in its ongoing mission to improve IS Education, mentor IS students, and foster the careers of IS faculty.