Distinguished Fellows

Margaret Thomas
Ohio University


Margaret Thomas is a lecturer, Emerita of Ohio University in Athens, Ohio. The path that led her to retirement in 2006 included a BA from McMaster University, Ontario in English/Psychology and an MA in computational linguistics at Ohio University in Athens.

After three years at Ohio State University, teaching professional and business writing and coordinating English as a Second Language composition classes, she returned to Athens in 1983 and began her career at Ohio University. She taught in Management Systems for the College of Business, in Computer Science for the College of Arts and Sciences, and in the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science for the Russ College of Engineering.

Within this span as lecturer, coordinator and administrator, Margaret developed the Introduction to Computer Science core course for Ohio University. She was responsible for teaching and administering to all sections requiring a basic computer course on the main campus, and advisor to the five branch campuses. In the infancy of microcomputer instruction, she prepared workshops for university administrators and staff, branches of city officials, and groups of pre-college students. She also reviewed materials from 1982 to 2005 for the major educational publishers, and participated in many focus groups and workshops concerned with IT education strategies.

In addition to her university involvement, Margaret worked within the community, providing application seminars and designing web-based materials for various organizations, such as the Institute for Local Government and Regional Development, the Small Business Development Center, and the National Business Incubator Association.

As Margaret recognized the need for innovative materials and cutting-edge teaching tools for the wide audiences she served, she attended many AITP/EDSIG conferences, and served on the EDSIG board for seven years with positions as Membership Chair, Secretary, Activities Coordinator and conference planner. Her publications and presentations range from gender issues for women in the sciences, to basic computer concepts for the everyday user. In retirement, she continues to develop computer users “Need to Know” materials for various organizations. Margaret feels that EDSIG is a vital and collegial part of any educator’s portfolio.

About AITP-EDSIG Fellows

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